Why Website Design is Highly Important for Lead Generation?

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Why Website Design is Highly Important for Lead Generation?

When it comes to convert the prospects into valuable customers, website is the most valuable asset to attract the customer’s attention. Knowing that customers are visual creatures, it is quite simple to presume why a unique website design of any business is one of the supreme components of lead generation and earn more and more money.

According to the latest study, it is reported that 78% of the stay of visitors on a particular website depends on its aesthetics. Let’s have a look on such important elements below that shouldn’t be overlooked by a freelance web designer –

Appealing Theme and Eye Striking Color – To create a satisfying, but high visual online impression, a business requires selecting the theme and color of a website carefully. It helps to showcase the products and services in a professional manner. Website theme depends on things including, but not limited to HTML validity, CSS validity, updated functionality and responsive design.

Landing Pages – Landing pages are unbelievably great marketing channels that lead to a deep positive effect on your business. These pages are entry page of any website, you should be assured to grab high attention of audience and give valuable information. For landing pages, themes are also available to improve the chances of selling products and services.

Forms – A website is something where most of the actions of product selling are happened. It actually guides the visitors to the next step and also, encourages action. The best web design contains all pages having call to action that increases the chances of lead generation.

Amazing Mobile Design – Did you know that 62.2% of the overall web traffic comes from mobile devices and handheld tablet PCs? If a website is not designed or created by keeping the concept of mobile devices in mind, there are more chances to reduce return on investment to almost 50%. Generally, mobile devices have slow loading speeds as compared to desktop computers.

Visual Storytelling – People evoke only about 20% of what they read or write within a few days of getting the information, but if they get details by a medium of eye-catching image along with readable data, the numeric figure increases to 75%. Visual story telling is a highly operational marketing method that has capability to grab attention of audience, extend the time period of attention, create messages that can resonate visitors, and also, to develop a personal fruitful with your visitors.

Top-quality Images – Low-quality images and irrelevant content on a website are two downsides of website design that can harm the reputation of any business. Hence, consumers should consider the best search results and every designer or developer should focus on having top quality images along with the relevancy in the content.

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