PSD to WordPress conversion: The Process and everything you need to know!

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PSD to WordPress conversion: The Process and everything you need to know!

In this era of highly content generated business, WordPress websites are good to go and making a pixel perfect WordPress website, it’s really important to create a proper PSD file and convert into WordPress.

To describe PSD to WordPress conversion in detail, we have some amazing tips along with the detailed process in this area.

Understand what PSD is actually

The term PSD is Photoshop document. This is the default manner in which any data of Photoshop is been saved. This one gives the liberty to the users to fiddle and works with each layer of the file even after saving the whole worked on the document.

Have an in-depth PSD analysis

Analysis of the targeted PSD file is very necessary. This one step helps in knowing any difficulty or the extra input that one has to put while making the conversion of PSD into a WordPress file. The clear idea of what is going to happen with PSD like the putting in the header, footer, images, CSS codes and other things have to be decided beforehand.

PSD to HTML breaking

PSD designs when still in the process of getting worked with should be coded into HTML. This step done before working with PSD designs getting worked in WP theme is much more appreciable. For this one can split up the PSD theme into an array of logical content blocks. From there these blocks can be coded into well and pixel perfect standard HTML code. A pro tip to follow is to have the modern website to be used as much as possible. This will help while building a WP theme by saving oodles of time for one.

PSD files: it’s time to slice them well!

Image cutting tool like Photoshop will help you in this step. The PSD files are been broken into numbers of layers. Hence helping one to either add or remove the various extra features like text boxes, links and some buttons. These sliced PSD files are then finally saved as bitmap/GIFS or JPEGs or any other as per the need and suitability.

Index.html or style.css is the next step

It is time to get a step higher from programming to the designing world. This step will lead to creating a static HTML or CSS site with the help of the PSD files created earlier. Thus a very helpful tip would be to name the files with extensions index.html or style.css to make it pre-set for the future use.

Getting the design coded into HTML, XHTML, or even CSS.

Finally, it’s time to get the scripting language’s help and merge the image files into these. PSD files are not usually helpful towards browsers and the various search engines and hence these designs are to be integrated with the necessary web codes, which in current are done by the help of Adobe Dreamweaver or the Fireworks.

HTML to WordPress

WordPress software would support the WordPress theme only. This add-on feature is the kind where WP theme is converted into PSD with the help of a plugin. If WordPress structure of the theme is available one can break the multiple files of HTML into multiple themes. A step that would help in customising index.html into PHP files for header, footer, sidebar and text.

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