How to install WordPress : An Overview for beginners!

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How to install WordPress : An Overview for beginners!

WordPress being the amazing software for the beginners, it has been serving the content management system of information industry since years. Thus being a very helpful and supporting tool there are many ways and methods prevalent in the industry.

To help pole get on board through the easiest way this article presents steps easily. No matter how much things get on the confusing side, the best part with WordPress and its freely available resource is the help from the panels available at any moment.

Step1: Download and Upload the WordPress

Get the WordPress file and download and save it in the desktop. It is recommended to get the WordPress zip file form the official site of the WordPress. Upload the files then into the root folder of WordPress from the Zip file of the WordPress folder. Using an FTP client to upload all of the files is recommended.
There is an additional step to be taken care if the person wants to have a WordPress blog. With a small shift in the process where the files are uploaded in the sub directory or the desired file.

Step 2: Time to craft own database

There are many host providers who take time to provide a readymade database. But this is not very true with many of the host providers and hence one should be ready for such event like this. Click on the MySQL Section of the databases option, if the web hosting utilizes cPanel. The version should be selected as MySQL 5.6 or greater, if given a choice.

Step 3: Create a new Database User

After getting through with the steps mentioned above, it is necessary to makes sure that a new database user is created. This is even more necessary to get all of the privileges or rights to be provided to the user which is added in the MySQL Database settings options. After doing so, get all the details like Username, password, Hostname and the database name saved securely. This would avoid any unnecessary hassle.

Step 4: Time to run the install

It’s time to explore your own website! Definitely simply get on your website name or the domain name or the folder where the WordPress files were uploaded. Once the preferred language is chosen, click on the go button. Details like database, host name, Database username, and password along with the Table prefix is to be set and decided. This is a good and wise step to check the database host from the host provider, which usually sometimes is also referred to as Local Host. Then remains the last step to click on Submit.

Step 5: Taking installation on the final step

This is high time to give a final shape to your website! Decide and enter the details like Site Title username, password and definitely your email. Check on the “Search Engine Visibility” for better indexing options by google and finally click on the “Install WordPress” and now the WordPress installation is ready to be used further!

You can do it easily by yourself if you are a quick learner and tech savvy or else you can also hire expert freelance WordPress developer to install it properly.

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